About Me | My Journey To Knitting

Thursday 10th August 2017


In 2013 I became curious about knitting after I found out I was expecting my son. With the help of a knitting book and some YouTube videos I got started and designed a 0-3 month sweater. From this small project I learnt a lot and was eager to keep going. I already had experienced the art of crocheting from the help of my mum from the age of 6, so I kind of had an idea of what I was getting myself in for.


Three years of what was a hobby turned into a passion. I had created a YouTube account a few years prior and thought it would be a good idea to show other people the joys of knitting and crocheting.


It's my passion and not a job and I have loved every bit of the past few years. With your continued support I hope to keep on creating and to help those who want to start knitting and crocheting.


If you want to contact me privately you can email me with the address below, or you can also use the chat feature at the bottom of the page. I'm open to receive and give requests and suggestions for yarns and patterns etc...