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Knitted Preemie Hat

July 23, 2015


Designed by Christine Marie Chen


How-To Video


You will need


5 5mm dpns

50g DK (Light Worsted Weight) Yarn

Sewing needle or Crochet hook ( for weaving in and fastening)


Cast on 10 sts on each of your 4 dpns (40)

Rows 1-6 K2, P2

Rows 7-9 Knit

Row 10 Purl

Rows 11-13 Knit

Rows 14-16 Purl

Rows 17-19 Knit

Row 20 Purl

Rows 21-26 Knit

Row 27 K6, K2tog (35)

Row 28 Knit

Row 29 K5, K2tog (30)

Row 30 Knit

Row 31 K4, K2tog (25)

Row 32 Knit

Row 33 K3, K2tog (20)

Row 34 Knit

Row 35 K2, K2tog (15)

Row 36 Knit

Row 37 K1, K2tog (10)

Row 38 Knit

Row 39 K2tog (5)


Cut yarn and using a sewing needle weave in the through the remaining sts. Pull tight to fasten.Weave in all loose end and fasten.

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