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6-9 Years Knitted Fingerless Mittens With Fingertip Cover

How-To Videos

Part 1

Part 2

What you'll need

5 3.75mm DPNs

3 mm Crochet Hook

1 or 2 50g DK (Light Worsted Weight) Yarn(s)

Stitch Marker

Stitch Holder or Scrap Yarn

To Fit Small/Medium Size (6-9 years)- Make 2

Cast on 32 sts

Rib for 7cm 19 rows

Knit for 2 rows

Row 1 M1, K2, M1, pm, Knit to end of row (10)

Row 2 Knit all

Row 3 M1, K4, M1, sm, Knit to end of row

Row 4 Knit all

Row 5 M1, K6, M1, sm, Knit to end of row

Row 6 Knit all

Row 7 M1, K8, M1, sm, Knit to end of row

Row 8 Knit all

Row 9 M1, K10, M1, sm, Knit to end of row (14)

Row 10 Knit all

Row 11 Cast on 4 sts on your working needle. Slip thumb sts onto spare yarn. Knit around (32)

Rows 12-16 Knit allChange Colour

Rows 17-20 K2, P2

Cast off loosely in rib


Slip thumb stitches back on to needle and attach yarn (14)

Row 1 Knit all, Pick up 4 stitch at the end to close the gap (18)

Row 2 K12, K2tog, K2, ssk (16)

Row 3 Knit all

Row 4 K12, K2tog, ssk (14)

Row 5 Knit all

Rows 6-7 K2tog all around (7)

Cut yarn and weave tail through last stitches


Cast on 34 stitches

Rib 3 rows, K2, P2