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Knitted Slippers | UK Size 5-7 | Worked Flat

How-To Video

To fit UK size 5-7

Pom Pom Videos

How to make your slippers non-slip

What you'll need

6.5 mm Needles

100g Super Chunky (Super Bulky) Yarn

50g Yarn for Pom Poms

Sewing Needle

The numbers in brackets next to the text are for the different sizes. 5 (6, 7)

Cast on 22 sts

Stockinette stitch for 12 (14, 14) rows

Row 1 Cast off 4 sts, Knit to end of row

Row 2 Cast off 4 sts, Purl to end of row

Continue in stockinette st for 14 (16, 18) rows

Cast off all sts

Your slipper should look like a 'T' shape. Fold it half so it looks like an 'L'. Sew the 2 shortest sides. Re-adjust the slipper and sew the top.

Weave a long strand of yarn around the ankle part of the slipper to make it tighter so it won't fall off when you walk. Attach your pom pom or a bow.